Is it ok to wear shorts, or are all the old ladies going to frown at me?

There is no dress code - wear shorts, wear a suit and tie … this is mostly a casual crowd.

Which door do I come in?

The red door will bring you into the building at the sanctuary, which is where you’ll want to be for worship. (Not the door that says ENTRANCE)

I’m feeling emotionally fragile. Is your church a safe space?

We hope so! We’re also a community of “real people.” You are welcome to walk in a few minutes late, sit on the edge, and leave during the closing hymn (or whenever you need to).

I don’t drink alcohol - do you have grape juice?

Yes. We have both “common cup” and individual cups for communion. You’ll find white grape juice pre-filled in the center of the tray of individual cups. Bring it to the altar rail with you and it will be blessed after you receive the bread.

If I’m baptized in the Mormon church, can I take communion?

Yes - you are welcome at God’s table of grace.

I’m Catholic - can I take communion?

Yes - you are welcome at God’s table of grace!

Do you offer “First Communion” instruction?

Yes, on an individual basis. Speak to our pastor.

I’m celiac - do you have gluten free wafers? Are they convenient?

Gluten-free wafers are on the altar with the bread and wine - just mention to the pastor that you need gluten-free.

I have little kids - can they be with me in church?

Absolutely! We have an interactive “children’s sermon” every Sunday at the 10:30 service.

I have kids. Is there a space for them if they can’t sit still? Do they have to sit still?

They don’t have to sit still. But, we have sliding glass windows in the rear of the sanctuary, so you can hang out in our gathering space if you want. Also, we have a “nursery” room near the sanctuary where you can take them and still hear the worship through the speakers.

What is church like?

Nothing secret or weird. If you’ve never been to church, here’s how it goes: We sing hymns that tell the stories of faith. Somebody reads two Bible passages appointed for the day. We read a Psalm together. The pastor reads a passage from one of the gospels and then talks about it. We sing some more, then we “pass the peace” which involves greeting people around you with a smile and a handshake and offering them peace. We pass around baskets for people to give a donation (but there’s no charge to come to church). The pastor then leads “Communion” which tells the story of Jesus sharing his last supper with his friends (disciples). He took the ordinary things of bread and wine and said “this is my body” and “this is my blood” and when you eat and drink these, remember me. (Pastor would love to talk with you about this!) We share communion by coming forward to the altar rail. We receive a blessing, share announcements, sing another song and that’s it! Pastor stands at the door and shakes everybody’s hand on the way out. Most people wander down the hall for snacks. See - nothing secret or weird.

Do you have a Sunday School program?

We call it “faith formation.” Every third Sunday we have programming for children at 9:30, and the worship service is interactive and friendlier for people who have trouble sitting still. We have occasional activities and teaching events. This ministry is constantly evolving, so if you have ideas, concerns, or initiatives, please speak up.

What does “Confirmation” look like?

Confirmation is a small group ministry that takes place over the course of two years. Students meet with the pastor and other mentors and learn about the essentials of the faith- scripture, creeds, worship, Lutheran theology, and faith in daily life. The culmination is Affirmation of Baptism, where the student claims for themselves the promises their parents made when they were baptized.

What are the ministry opportunities?

Click here to see some of our ministry opportunities at Good Shepherd or in our community.

Where might I be able to connect?

It depends on what interests you. The best way to figure this out is to stay after worship for “coffee” (shorthand for snacks & chit-chat) and ask someone this question. You can also find some clues by reading this website.

Do you do weddings?

Short answer: yes.

Do you do funerals?

Short answer: yes.

Do you do baptisms?

Long answer - yes, and we consider baptism to be rooted in a community of faith, because the promises you will make when you have a child baptized or when you yourself come for baptism require a community of support. Our pastor would love to talk to you about this!