We are seekers of the Divine, searching for a way to make sense of the world, yearning to glimpse God at work in our lives, striving to change the world for the better, and grateful for the company of one another on this journey.

When you visit, you won’t be publicly singled out. I think you’ll feel at home. Rooted in the Lakes Region, we cherish our “seasonal” people and our vacationers. Come as you are- whether or not you’ve polished your shoes or your toenails. I’m eager to meet you and to hear your story of where you are on your journey… (You’re welcome to bring grandma in her wheelchair and/or wiggly little ones- we’re delighted with the full range of folks.)

See you soon!

Pastor Jenn


“For me church is family. My parents live far away so we don’t have the consistent grandparent relationship that used to be more typical for families. Our surrogate grandparents at church are a blessing. Especially having positive male role models for my sons. I know me and my kids are loved and prayed for.”


“Here’s what Good Shepherd Lutheran Church is about. Jack wanted to learn how to light the candles at the beginning of the service. Jack is a light-bringer for sure! Gentle giant, Peter, offered to show Jack how it’s done. The lovely, but very tall candles waited to be lit. Peter waited for Jack to give it his best try. Then he carefully gave his smaller friend a little help. Afterward, Jack said to me, beaming his heart-stopping and triumphant smile, “It was easy!” And that’s the long and short of it.”

Rebecca F.